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Metolius River

Nestled in a forested valley on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range in central Oregon, the Metolius is one of the largest spring-fed rivers in the United States. Its clear, cold and constant waters support blue ribbon flyfishing and whitewater boating. The lower river, adjacent to the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, is managed as a primitive area with no motorized access.

The Metolius River gushes full-grown from the spectacular springs at its headwaters. Nationally renowned for its amazingly clear and cold water and fabulous fly fishing, the river basin also provides outstandingly remarkable geology, scenery, botanical, cultural and historic values. As it flows through memorable stands of old growth ponderosa pine it is as cherished by the thousands who visit it annually from across the nation as it is by the Native Americans who share in the traditions and administration of this rare resource.